My name is Rachel and I am new to this whole blogging thing. I want my blog to be a mash-up of ideas and opinions about literature, fashion, food, and anything else my readers and I find exciting and/or interesting! I am an English Teacher in central New Jersey (yes, it does exist,) and therefore read a lot of books and have a major passion for language. I love to share my thoughts about what I’ve read and hear others’ reviews and recommendations – especially when the conversation gets heated! I am also a competitive tennis player and am hoping to branch out into running.  I have recently starting cooking for my boyfriend and while I have a lot to learn, I have come up with some interesting recipes, which I will share here. I would love to get recipe suggestions from others, especially those involving new, exciting foods. We try to eat healthfully (most of the time,) but I am not averse to using packaged products for convenience – and because I am a novice cook!  I love clothing and fashion, so of course, there is a place for that here, too. I look forward to sharing ideas and opinions with you!


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  1. Rachel, I think this site is fabulous and I LOVE the plug!!!

    Love to eat and collect recipes too (especially those with lots of dark chocolate– YUM!!)

    I look forward to watching your site blossom!

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