The Bent Spoon – Artisan Ice Cream!!!


The Bent Spoon

Address: 35 Palmer Sq W. Princeton, NJ 08540


Tue-Thu 11 am – 10 pm

Fri-Sat 11 am – 11 pm

Sun 12 pm – 10 pm



Today, I went to Princeton for the first time in a while and decided to stop in at The Bent Spoon for a sweet treat on this humid afternoon. What a great decision!  To begin with, I love the entire concept of the place. They use hormone-free dairy products (which I believe is the only way to go; especially for women,) and organic and local ingredients whenever possible. They have a great assortment of sorbet and artisan ice cream flavors, which they rotate fairly often and post on their website. They have more traditional flavors, such as chocolate and vanilla bean, but I prefer to have fun mixing the more unique flavors. Today, I chose dark chocolate-habanero, sweet basil, and honey (the basil and honey were made with local ingredients). Even though the flavors do not seem like they would go together, I loved the interesting flavor profiles and the silky smooth texture. The chocolate-habanero had just the right amount of peppery zip mixed in with the rich chocolate; the basil (my favorite) was light and refreshing; and the honey was sweet and creamy and topped with a drizzle of local honey (can you say, “yum?”). I also had a taste of the blue cherry peach sorbet, which was  juicy and delicious, though I generally prefer the richness of ice cream over sorbet.  I will definitely try this place again and recommend it to anyone who loves ice cream and/or trying unique and risky flavor combinations.  Despite the price, ($4.75 for a medium, which includes up to 3 flavor choices) it is on my unofficial “Must List” for summer.  It is important to note, though, that they only accept cash, so be sure to hit the ATM before you satisfy your sweet tooth!




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